Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm a little intimidated by this whole Blog thing and really don't know where to start. I guess the best thing to do is just take that leap of faith and start writing. I would think a good place to start is to introduction myself, but even that feels kind of awkward! Any of you other bloggers find it strange talking about yourself, kind of self-serving?  Plus how do you start, what's the best promo line? "Hi my name is Judy, I am a Sagittarius and enjoy taking long walks with my dogs"or how about "You might remember me from websites such as Javabags and Two Dogs Coffees, stop bye and say Hi". Yikes, Maybe that's not the best way to make a good expression and keep my fellow bloggers stopping by for a chat! 

I am actually feeling a little more comfortable with this, it is kind of like writing a story, the first few lines are always the hardest. Instead of talking about myself I think I would feel best sharing topics that I find important, interesting and led me to start my own business. I would love to here what you have to say about these topics also. 

A topic that I have always been interested in, even way before it became fashionable, is the environment. For years I have annoyed my family and friends with my newest environmental cause or challenge. Back in the 80's it was recycling and organic gardening, 90's no pesticides on the lawn and homemade natural baby food, 2000's sustainable fish consumption and conscientious farming practices. Each time I would bring these concepts up I always got the same blank stare in response, like the crazy women from the psych ward had just escape. But of course within a few years they all talked about it like it was their idea. I am okay with that, just as long as there is change, it really doesn't matter who's idea it was first! 

A few years ago my ideals were challenged a bit when I started a fair trade organic coffee business. For every article you read explaining the importance of fair-trade (which don't get me wrong I totally agree with the concept, just sometimes question how it is implemented) and significance of organic farming, you can read another sharing the political woes and misfortune these practices are having on the world's economy and the individual farmers. Some say that fair trade is helping communities have more rights, fresh water systems, health care and educations, while other's say it is still unfair and can hold people back. What should we believe and who can we trust? I really wish things were just simpler and clearcut, that when we attempt do something good and productive, there wasn't always that bleaker dark side to contend with. Blind loyalty and trust would be a nice place to go for awhile...   What do you think?